Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

It’s officially summer and we are ready for it! But…is your house?

While upper 90/triple-digit temperatures are something we come to expect every year – it never ceases to take us by surprise when June rolls around!

Here are some tips to help keep your home cool this summer:

· Schedule a tune-up with your local HVAC as early as you can. Typically we’d recommend you do this in early spring!
· Keep your units clean! If it’s surrounded by weeds or debris, it’ll have trouble working due to blocked airflow. If you are able to shade your unit – without blocking the airflow – it will help keep it running smoothly!
· Change your air filters – and not just every 6 months to a year. You’d be surprised how much dirt your filter is collecting!
· Close your curtains or blinds to prevent your home’s inner temps from increasing during the day.
· If you have ceiling fans – use them! Not only do they help circulate the air, but they also alleviate some of the work from your air conditioning unit!
· Don’t bake if you don’t have to. Having something that is potentially 350-degrees right inside your kitchen will only give your air conditioning unit more work.
· Consider your landscape. If your home has a lot of concrete, rock beds or asphalt, your yard is likely to put off extra heat. Consider adding grass, plants or shaded covers, like a covered patio or pergola!

Because it’s summer – we’ve included a simple Iced Latte recipe to help keep you cool but also energized!

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