Re-sale vs New Construction

Thinking about moving? You may be asking yourself if you should buy re-sale or new construction. This is common, and while there are pros and cons to both, one may fit your lifestyle better than theother.

Here are some pros of both re-sale and new construction to hopefully make your decision a little easier!

Pros to Buying a Re-Sale Home

Charm – Older homes have a certain charm you just aren’t going to find in a new construction home. Ever imagined those original hardwood floors? Sitting by the old brick fireplace drinking a cup of coffee in the morning? Though new construction homes can be customizable, there is just a different feel to re-sale homes that have a certain charm to them and hold history from an earlier time. Not only this, but older homes will allow you to channel your inner Chip & Joanna Gaines if you fancy fixer uppers.

Established Neighborhood – Another pro to a re-sale home is that the neighborhood has already been established. The feel of driving past tree-lined roads and passing familiar homes on your way home can be comforting to some.

Mature Landscaping – Mature landscaping is something else you won’t find a new construction home. The shade, privacy and aesthetic large trees and other landscaping can provide is soothing during the summer and can also protect against harsh weather.

Price Negotiable – Unlike a new construction home, price can be negotiable in re-sale homes. You can work with the current homeowner to negotiate closing costs., etc. New construction homes typically have a base price for your chosen floor plan and anything added/customizable only adds to that price tag.

Pros to Buying a New Construction Homes

Smart Technology – New construction homes are often going to be built with the latest technology. What does this mean? Well, for one, your home will often be more energy efficient than a re-sale home. Not only this, but your home will also have more outlets which can be extremely beneficial for those working from home, as well as offer charging efficiency for laptops, iPads and other devices. Say goodbye to buying super long charging cords to reach your favorite spot on the couch.

Everything is New – Since your home will be built with all new appliances, you will not have to worry about costly repairs that may present themselves in a re-sale home due to normal wear and tear. You will have an all new HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Of course, things can still go wrong, but the likelihood of you having issues in the near future will be far less than if you were to buy an older home.

Personalization – This is a big one. If you buy your home early enough, you can often work with the builder and choose custom finishes and touches you want in your home. New construction will already offer modern touches such as an open floor plan, the master on the main level, large master bath, etc., but you could have a say on paint colors, backsplash, countertops and other choices.

Amenities – A lot of times, new construction homes are going to offer many new amenities to appeal to the developing community. These may include a community swimming pool, more walking trails, parks or tennis courts.

Either way, there are pros and cons to both re-sale and new construction. To find out what best suits your lifestyle, you may want to take into consideration some of the points mentioned above. Contact a Real Estate Agent and tell them your wish list – these experts are here to help you navigate the re-sale vs new construction world. Purchasing a home is a big deal, but whatever you choose, you want your home to feel like YOU.


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