What Empty Nesters Look for in their Forever Home

Downsizing, Not Downgrading

Just because empty nesters are looking for less space, that does not mean they want to downgrade when it comes to luxury touches. In fact, many empty nesters might be looking to upgrade when it comes to their forever home. What does this mean? Empty nesters are not opposed to new construction, and may even prefer it in comparison with an older home.

Safety & Convenience

Another thing to watch out for when looking for potential homes for your client is the safety and convince factor. Empty nesters are likely to want a home located in a safe, established neighborhood with grocery stores, gyms, and restaurants in close proximity.

One-Story Rambler

When looking for a forever home, empty nesters will typically be looking for one-level ramblers. They are looking for a home that won’t pose any difficulty with old age. This means no stairs, wide doorways, and a home that is all around easy to navigate.

Smaller Backyard

Many empty nester either already have a pet or will be looking to get one to fill the void of an empty house. That being said, empty nesters still enjoy a backyard with grass for the dog, but will more than likely prefer a smaller backyard that requires less maintenance.


Empty nesters and retirees are dealing with more freedom now that their children have moved out and/or are no longer putting in long hours at work. Often times, this is followed by a travel bug. Having RV parking might be something to look for if your clients are thinking about taking up more traveling in their spare time.

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