Don’t Call It A Comeback

Washington State has been named No. 1 in the U.S. News Best States ranking – making it the first ever to earn the top spot twice in a row! This speaks volumes of our tech and agriculture powerhouse.

All states were ranked based on Health Care, Education, Economy, Infrastructure, Opportunity, Fiscal Stability, Crime and Corrections, and Natural Environment.

Our state ranked fifth for venture capital per U.S. News – seeing nearly 200 businesses receiving venture capital funding in 2020 alone.

“In the almost 15 years I’ve been in venture now, it just keeps growing,” says Tim Porter, a managing director at Madrona Venture Group. “There are more opportunities, more founders. Even through this super challenging year, Seattle and Washington are going to come out on the other side stronger.”

While the tech industry is continuing to expand, don’t count our agriculture out. Despite the trade war with China, the state’s agriculture sector remains strong. We’ve seen the local wine, microbreweries, and restauranteurs take a hit during the pandemic. This hasn’t stopped new businesses from popping up and serving their communities in different, modified ways.

Take a look at the local farmers markets and the way businesses have partnered with these outdoor events to provide a variety of services and you’ll see that our community is filled with ingenuity worth recognizing.

To view their full list, click HERE.

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