Riverwood Estates – SOLD OUT

Riverwood Estates is a great West Richland subdivision located between Kennedy and Keene, just off Lattin. Riverwood Estates is located in a nice community, just a few minutes to Yokes shopping and the Bombing Range Road Sports Complex. Nice lots, ranging from 0.35 to 0.42 acres that “sit up a bit” providing partial views. Building with Ambience Homes will provide you with the opportunity to live your dream in West Richland. Choose from among the great construction financing options for you. Ambience Homes is proud to be building in Riverwood Estates and is offering multiple floor plans loaded with standard features, including granite countertops throughout. Create a most pleasant future for yourself by choosing to build with Ambience Homes in Riverwood Estates.

For more information about Riverwood Estates contact Thomas Mayhew at 509-302-7145.