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Badger Mountain South

The South Richland area is highly desired by homebuyers and it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Richland. But a home in Badger Mountain South is a step ahead of most you’ll see on the market. That’s because we’re not just building subdivisions, we’re building a lifestyle. That means living here you’ll be part of a multigenerational community where you drive less and spend more time with your family.

Badger Mountain South is designed to be a development with a sense of place, ultimately co-located with schools, open spaces, and a thriving retail core. A place that combines equal access to trails and storefronts, great schools that are approached by sidewalk instead of buses or car seats, and smartly designed homes powered for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Every facet of Badger Mountain South has been designed to create a community that offers you the opportunity for a vibrant and healthy life. As the project builds out you’ll find places to live, work, shop, learn, play and worship.