Your Future is Shining Bright in the Tri-Cities!

From your first home to your forever home, the Tri-Cities has something for everyone!


The Tri-Cities is steadily growing and has a 94.8% employment rate. Not only that, but it is one of the top TEN cities for STEM careers.


Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine 82.5% of the year!

Close Proximity to Big Cities

The Tri-Cities is able to give you a smaller city feel, while also being surrounded by bigger cities such as Portland, Seattle & Boise. Each are easily assessable for weekend trips, BUT you don’t have to deal with the traffic and prices that come along with living in a big city.

Wineries & Breweries

The Tri-Cities is within 1 hour of 200 wineries and breweries if that’s your thing. Perfect for entertaining out of town guests and enjoying the beautiful surroundings Eastern Washington has to offer.

Dog Parks & Walking Trails

The Tri-Cities is a dog friendly community filled with walking trails and even dog parks for your furry family members to enjoy the outdoors.

Skiing & Snowboarding Nearby

Though the Tri-Cities itself doesn’t get a lot of snow, it is conveniently located just hours away from many ski resorts. That means you don’t often have to worry about driving in the snow and, instead, enjoy the snow just a few hours away!

The Columbia River

Hot summer months call for swimming, floating, boating, tubing and more! The Columbia River allows for a fun, friendly community for you and your whole family. Enjoy walking trails, picnic tables, snow cone stands in the summer and more!

Hiking & Festivals

Badger Mountain is great for biking, running and hiking. Once at the top, enjoy beautiful views of the Tri-Cities. Not only that, but there are often live music events and festivals going on in the warm summer months.


Did we mention the Tri-Cities gets all four seasons? That’s right! Fall, winter, spring AND summer!

Do we have you convinced yet? Contact one of our agents today to find your new home!

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