How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell in the Spring

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell in the Spring


Times are pretty chaotic right now. People are pent up in their houses, getting cabin fever amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. When things begin to settle down, we’ll be in the full swing of spring, and people will be itching to get out and about. This creates an interesting opportunity for homeowners looking to sell their houses. After being cooped up for so long, buyers will be on the prowl, giving you the perfect chance to capitalize. 

Springtime is one of the most popular buying times already. If you’re on the fence about selling, know that we’re coming up on the perfect time. But you have to start preparing now! Take advantage of your time indoors to follow these steps from Century 21 of Tri-Cities to get your home ready to sell!


Sell Your Home

1. Clean Up the Yard 

Get to the shed, gather up the wheelbarrow and tools, and get to work! Get those leaves and sticks off the ground, trim the trees and bushes, and blow off the hard surfaces. 

Then, once your grass starts growing, get it mowed! Make sure to mow in a diagonal pattern — it makes your lawn look bigger. Don’t skimp around the edges either. Get the edger and weed eater out to clean up around the patio, deck, trees, sides of the house, and driveway.

If your flower beds are looking a little dead, brighten them up with colorful flowers. Focus on yellow here, such as yellow lilies or daisies. Yellow flowers have been proven to help houses sell faster!


2. Clean the House Exterior

This isn’t just the house itself, but also every exterior hard surface. Buy or rent a powerwasher if you don’t already have one, then get spraying! Clean all of the side panels, the deck, the driveway, the patio — every durable area with built-up grime. 

After powerwashing, it’s time to get on the roof. Start by cleaning the leaves out of your gutters and vents. Then get ready to clean your roof tiles. We recommend hiring a professional for safety reasons, but if you choose to do it yourself there are plenty of online guides and tutorials you can follow.

Once you’re off the roof, get some window cleaner. It’s time to polish all the windows. While you’re at it, get some metal polish for any exterior metal features. Before long, your home will be shining like new again!


3. Clean Inside

You probably want a break from all the outdoor stuff at this point. That’s alright, there’s plenty to do inside as well! Start by decluttering. Get all the non-essentials into storage, as they’ll do nothing but bog down your home’s aesthetic when you go to stage it. With everything else, you should strive to make it look as neat and organized as possible.

Once you’ve got it decluttered, it’s time for a deep spring clean. With a trusty rag and a bucket of hot, soapy water, start wiping down everything that can be wiped down and take a duster to everything else. You want the inside to sparkle, looking clean and inviting for potential buyers. 

Then, break out the vacuum for all the carpeted floors. For the hardwood or tile, sweep with a broom and follow up with a mop. For carpets with stains, you may consider renting a carpet cleaner to help lift them out. For especially tough stains, a professional vendor may be necessary.


4. Stage It

Make your house look like a model home. Arrange the furniture to make the rooms look bigger, consider painting outdated spaces, and simplify the aesthetic. Too little artwork on the walls will make your home seem barren. Too much will make it look too busy. Find the happy medium and consider minimizing the amount of family photos. You want the appearance of your home’s interior to be objective so buyers can imagine their own life there — not yours.

Part of this is removing evidence of pets. If potential buyers know a home has pets, regardless of how well-trained or groomed they are, they may be dissuaded from making an offer. Be prepared to store food and water bowls as well as litter boxes and kennels for showings and keep a constant eye out for any new pet damage or stains. They’ll need to be dealt with immediately to prevent extra, unnecessary deep cleaning.

Interior plants can help create a beautiful staged look as well. Flowers and succulents are both aesthetically pleasing and often give off a pleasant but subtle aroma. Keep them conservative and specifically pick plants, vases, and containers that flow with your home’s design and color scheme. 


You’ve done it! Your home is ready to sell when the pandemic wanes. You can get it on the market, ready to sell to eager buyers.

If you’ve got a home you want to get ready to sell in the Tri-Cities area, Century 21 can help! Contact our expert team today for more advice on getting your home ready as well as assistance with the home-selling process.





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