Prodigy Homes, Inc.


Prodigy Homes, Inc. is a Washington corporation located in Tri-Cities and currently building in several subdivisions in Richland, West Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. Prodigy Homes, Inc. provides a unique building experience; during the construction of each home, every homeowner is assigned a log-in where they can view daily photos of their home in progress, and can utilize the online collaboration system to approve your selections and change orders, even when they are away.
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The Soprano Basement 2

The Legato
The Bravo II
The Tempo
The Adagio
The Adagio #2
The Viola
The Viola #2
The Viola #3
The Soprano
The Soprano #2
The Soprano w/basement
The Beethoven
The Beethoven #2
The Beethoven - Custom
The Allegro Bonus
The Sonata
Custom floor plan
Custom floor plan #2