Best Indoor Plants for Spring

The snow is melting and the sun it out! It’s time to prove to yourself that you can indeed have green thumb this spring. A big way to make home feel clean and welcoming, whether you have a tiny apartment or a five-bedroom house, is to add some indoor plants to the mix. Not only do indoor plants brighten up the décor, but they also purify the air in your home to help with those spring allergies. Now for all those novice gardeners out there, there are many indoor plants that you can keep alive. The main problem for those who struggle to keep plants alive is over-watering them, which causes root rot, or giving them too much light, which fries those little guys.

Check out these eight “kill-proof” plants that will push your winter grays into a green spring, and when you’re ready to give them a new home, contact a Century 21 real estate agent!

Spider Plant

Water: Moist soil
Sunlight: Bright or medium lighting conditions
Temp: 60-70 degrees

English Ivy

Water: Moist soil
Sunlight: Happier in the shade
Temp: 55–70 degrees

Rubber Tree

Water: Let soil dry in between watering
Sunlight: Medium to bright
Temp: 60–80 degrees


Water: Let top of soil dry in between watering

Sunlight: Bright light or low light with lots of water
Temp: 80–85 degrees

Snake Plant

Water: Somewhat dry soil
Sunlight: Wide range
Temp: Normal room temperature


Water: Somewhat dry soil
Sunlight: Bright light
Temp: Normal room temperature

Golden Pathos

Water: Keep soil relatively moist, but be sure not to overwater
Sunlight: Wide range
Temp: 60–85 degrees


Water: Prefers dry soil
Sunlight: Bright, indirect light
Temp: 70 degrees

***Please be advised that pets and humans may have a reaction if plants are ingested, or even a skin reaction if sensitive. Please do your own research before purchasing a plant.

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