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As a native of the Tri-Cities, Kim has seen growth and changes throughout Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco. Both her grandparents and parents were an integral part of the development of Uptown Richland and owned a retail jewelry store for more than 40 years. Kim grew up in the customer service industry and gained a passion for horses as her family raised, trained, and raced thoroughbreds.

After raising her two children, she decided to make the jump from managing a retail store at the mall to real estate. That was almost 10 years ago! Kim brings the experience of matching her clients’ wants, needs, and desires to innovative solutions during the home-selling or -buying process. Kim always appreciates her clients passing on the word of her expertise to other home buyers and sellers.

The Tri-Cities area is a much diversified market with many industries, including agriculture, wine, nuclear power, and healthcare. Nestled next to three rivers with 300 days of sunshine, this is a great place to live and raise a family.

Kim’s recent move to the Century 21 Group real estate team is an exciting time, enabling her to utilize the extensive knowledge, professionalism, and unmatched products and services of Vicki Monteagudo and her team for the benefit of her clients. Take advantage of her experience and top-notch resources and make Kim your real estate agent today!


Kim Schulz is one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic, energized, and patience real estate agent you will ever meet. We originally wanted to sell our home in W. Richland in 2006. Kim took time with us covering all the processes, market trends and most important, our “wish list” for a new purchase. I guess we were not ready because we decided not to sell. Kim was positive, supportive and a consummate professional.

Fast forward to 2013. We decided once again to sell/buy and of all times, it was mid-Dec 2013. I was sure the winter months would not be positive for a sell, but Kim began to show us homes in Horn Rapids and Paradise areas again covering all the processes, market trends and checking to see if our “wish list” had changed. I wasn’t getting too excited because I just knew that it would be spring before ours sold. We were bracing for a long, competitive and stressful process. To our surprise, we sold our home in approximately 2 weeks! Now we had to buy!

Kim was extremely prompt with responding to our questions (via text, email, & phone) and was on top of scheduling viewings as soon as possible. But what sets her apart is that you always feel that she has your best interests at heart. She never once pushed a home she believed was overpriced or did not meet our basic criteria and on more than one occasion explicitly said she would not buy the property herself. This is a testament to her ethics. She takes the time to find exactly what her clients are looking for instead of chasing commissions.

Thank you all for being such a joy! We closed on a fantastic home in Horn Rapids in Feb 2014. Predominately due to Kim’s enthusiasm, energy and professionalism she both brought.

P.S. We were so comfortable and happy with Kim, our son enlisted her help to purchase his home. Kim is a friend beyond the realtor role.


– Ron & Cheri Thomas

Kim was the realtor for my first home buying experience. She wasn’t the first realtor I went to, and after a bad experience with another realtor and a little delay in shopping I set out to try again. She wasn’t recommended to me by anyone I just kind of stumbled across her, and boy did I luck out. Kim was the most helpful realtor I could ask for, such a change from the first realtor I went, to my relief. The first time I met Kim she was very nice, welcoming and something I look for and liked was how confident she seemed that we were going to find MY home. Kim sat down with me and listened, yes I said listened, to what I was actually looking for in a first home, and she gave me valued input on what she thought I could get for what I was hoping to spend, even putting a little reality check in there that I can have my mansion for the small price range I had. Now, onto shopping.

Like I said before, Kim actually listened to what I was looking for, and even though I know she didn’t want to show me some of the properties that she did, she still showed them. I think deep down this was part of her reality check, and it worked. She helped me realize that I can’t have all the land I wanted plus the large home, I was going to have to sacrifice somewhere. That kind of industry knowledge was very helpful and helped me realize what was truly important to me in a home. I am usually very easy to work with but I am picky as can be on some things and had what seemed like an endless amount of questions and Kim took them in stride and never tried to push me in the direction of one home or another or even put her personal opinion in on any homes, but she did mention her professional opinion on a few things, such as letting me know that certain repairs may be expensive, especially on my smaller budget, or that certain areas may be nice for me but knowing I wasn’t staying forever she took into account resale and had no problem telling me what houses would be tough to sell later on. After looking at more properties then I care to admit, I finally found the one, and so starts the next process.

After finding the house I know was the one, and walking though it once talking about “oh I want to do this here and this there” Kim could tell I was sold, she enlightened my over active imagination and helped me pick what small items I could change or update myself very easily and recommended locals that do great work for a good price if I needed that. I was as nervous as could be and needed to look at the house again before I could commit, which she helped with. She knew I was sold and just needed that friendly, trusting push to jump, and trust me if I felt she was just pushing for a sale I would have RAN back to a renters life. So onto the financing part. I was a young buyer, 20 years old, who didn’t believe in credit cards so loan behold, I had no credit. Kim sent me in the direction of a mortgage lender that specialized in my cases and he worked out GREAT. Kim knew he was the right choice for where I was and knew she had sent me to the right guy. To me, knowing who in the industry is a go to person for different situations and trusting them with your clients is a major plus in a realtor. So in the end I got the house I wanted!!! Kim was there to help in all of the closing, and stopped by once I was moved in to give a little gift and say CONGRATS!!

Kim continued to stay in contact with me over the years, sending holiday cards and giving best of wishes throughout the years. After 6 years in my home, my job was ending and it was time to sell. Kim was so great that I had no question of who was going to sell my home. Kim and I worked together, using her expert advice I made some upgrades to the house and curb appeal and we got it on the market. We had a little trouble getting it to sell and I was getting discouraged but Kim sure wasn’t. She had open houses and had an appraiser stop by free of charge to look around the house and give his opinion on what I could do for as little money as possible to get it sold. After 9 long months we had an offer, but not an easy offer, they were tough to work with, but Kim new me and what I wanted so I’m sure she filtered a ton of junk out. It was a great to have her there as a buffer between me and the buyer, she was very knowledgeable of what I wanted and needed out of this sale and worked very hard to get it. Once all was completed Kim has still stayed in contact with me even though I am out of state, sending holiday cards and just seeing how I am generally doing, asking if I had any questions about my home search in my new location.

To end this I just want to say that I will always be thankful for all the work that Kim has done for me. If anyone needs a realtor that is on time, persistent, very confident in getting the job done, whether it’s buying or selling, knowledge of the area and real estate industries and most importantly a nice and welcoming realtor, then Kim is the one!! She will always have my recommendation.

A very happy repeat customer,


– Chad Elsner

Kim Schulz has been our realtor since 2009. We have purchased two homes with her and currently have a property listed with her. We were new to the area in 2009 and needed to find a home quickly. We were extremely stressed and Kim made a difficult process much easier. She spent many hours showing us numerous homes until we found one we loved. Each time there was an obstacle with the purchasing process, she intervened where appropriate, and worked with the mortgage company to help us get into our home quickly. She is professional, but also personable and friendly. She returns emails and texts promptly and makes you feel like you are her only client. I highly recommend Kim and look forward to working with her again in the future.


– Heath and Stacey Schilz

We could not have asked for a better Realtor to work with than Kim.
She found us our dream home and as first-time home buyers that is hard to do.
She worked tirelessly to find everything we were looking for and more.


– Tim & Rosie Flood

5-Star Approved


– Mary E. Bane

We loved working with Kim! – 5-Star Approved


– Alex and Penny Keel

We want you to know that we appreciate all of the work that you provided us while selling our home. You always answered our questions right away and let us know what was going on throughout the process. Thank you.


– Teresa and Joe Goodnight

Kim Schulz had to be very tenacious as she dealt with the sellers and their Realtor during the purchase of our property. She always remained professional and thoughtful towards all parties as she was working toward our goal. Kim came highly recommended to us and we were so fortunate to have her quick expertise on hand at all times, and…we have decided Kim will continue to be our Realtor as we sell our house. She is terrific!
The feasibility was long and drawn out because we could not get the sellers and their Realtor to give us the information we needed to make the purchase. Kim worked very hard to help them understand what we needed and why. They finally produced the documents we needed for the sale.

Yep, Kim really is this good!!

Kim had to get a lot of people involved for communication with the sellers Realtor. She got her boss to make phone calls and discuss our needs with the seller, their Realtor and the Realtor’s boss. The Century 21 Tri-Ciites staff never gave up.

5-Star Approved


– Mike & Nancy Mitchell

Kim was knowledgeable and friendly, she was great to work with.


– Wayne Magnan

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