Brooke Holtmann

Broker / Realtor® for Century 21 Tri-Cities
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For Brooke Holtmann, it’s all about the little details that helps bring the larger picture in focus. From decor to design to materials used - Brooke has a knack for discovering the potential in every home she views. Her general ease and approachable personality, in addition to her ability to pin-point a person’s needs are what makes her an integral part of our Century 21 Tri-Cities team. Growing up, Brooke watched her mother build her own homes, leading her to become fascinated with the real estate industry. This genuine curiosity is what led her to begin developing her skills as a real estate professional. “I enjoy helping people and showing them different ways to style or use a house. I like bringing out the potential in things,” said Brooke. When she’s not gaining inspiration from the HGTV channel, Brooke’s hobbies include biking, running, hiking, camping, fishing, and basically anything outdoors with her husband and two daughters. Clients may also notice Brooke spends a lot of time with the other half of her real estate team, her twin sister Mara Poland. When you see Brooke, Mara is not far behind!

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