Hosting a Super Bowl party? We are here to help!

Hosting can be stressful, but there are a few things you can do to take off some of the pressure.

First, cleaning! It’s important to clean before the party, as well as do some things to help your home STAY clean and reduce the amount of cleaning needed AFTER the game. Major areas will be the main TV area, guest bathroom and kitchen. Depending on the size of the party, you’ll probably be bringing in a few chairs from either other rooms or storage – make sure all are dusted off and clean. Also, make sure the bathroom is fully stocked with everything your guests might need; including a full soap bottle, clean hand towel, etc. You will have a lot of people going in and out – this will keep you from having to restock during the game.

To keep the main area clean, consider purchasing tablecloths and bringing a few small tables into the living room. It’s inevitable that people will eat while watching the game. Making sure they have areas to set their food will prevent spills.

Next, food! Pick easy food dishes, but have lots of variety! Examples include pizza, wraps, chips, a veggie tray, rolls – the goal is to have something for everyone. You might also consider getting colored plastic cups and a sharpie for people to write their names on their drinks. This will prevent wasted and misplaced cups during the game. Investing in paper plates and plastic silverware will also reduce the amount of clean up needed after the game. Having a large sized garbage can in the kitchen will also be helpful – people will be more inclined to throw away their trash if the garbage is out in the open.

Now, what about seating? You are going to want to make sure you have enough seating to host the total number of people expected to come. Not only this, but the arrangement of this seating is also very important. People will be getting up off and on throughout the game, so you want to make sure the area allows for movement. If space is limited, consider creating another room for people to watch the game in. Have friends bringing kids? Another idea could be a movie or game room to keep the kids entertained.

Finally, the fun part – decorating! Most dollar stores will have a variety of colors of balloons, streamers, even paper plates and dishes! This is a fun and cheap way to decorate, get people in the spirit and show team pride!

Now that you have all the essentials taken care of, ENJOY! Century 21 Tri-Cities wishes all of you a happy and safe Super Bowl Sunday!

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